Our Beliefs

We believe in a God who is relational - who created us to live in relationship with Him and with one another.


We believe that God came to this world in Jesus Christ to bring us back into right relationship with himself. This results in peace with God, peace with others and peace within our selves.


We believe that if we place our faith in the good news of Christ's death and resurrection to bring reconciliation then we can know life to the full; both here, and with Christ in eternity.


We believe that God's plan for reconciliation and our need for it in Christ, is best explained in the pages of God's inspired word, the Bible. 


We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Christian faith is best understood and applied in the context of community.


What's Important to Us

The Church as Community

The basis of our church life is involvement in a housechurch where meaningful relationships are fostered. Community extends beyond a once a week meeting and incorporates all members of the households represented.

Gathering together as a larger church community for Celebration and other corporate times is also an important part of life in Ruach. We believe relationship and community are foremost, not programmes and meetings.

Everyone has something to contribute regardless of age, gender or Christian maturity and experience. Every member is encouraged to use and develop their gifts and abilities, to serve and minister one to another, and to take initiatives in reaching out beyond the group.


Dependence on God

We are a movement dependent on God’s breath (Ruach), to birth and sustain ministry.

All we plan or do must be initiated by God and sustained by Him. It involves spending time to hear from God personally and corporately, and then stepping out in faith to do His will.

We have a commitment to the Bible as the word of God; understood and lived out.

We believe a vibrant spiritual life should be normal.

Spiritual gifts should be regularly exercised. We expect to experience constant renewal by the Holy Spirit and Spirit led worship and prayer.

Blessed to be a Blessing
We are to be a blessing to the communities in which we live, to our nation and beyond.

God has given us much to share. We do not expect that people should have to come into our comfort zones to discover this. We want to take God’s love and community life out into the broader community, to touch people where they are (physically, socially and spiritually). At the same time we want to be an open and welcoming Christian community for others to join.

We encourage relational outreach rather than majoring on evangelistic events. Corporate gatherings such as Celebration are also an opportunity for seekers to see the vibrant life of the church community, experience the power of God and hear the gospel preached.


Partnership with the wider church

We are committed to fostering good relations with the whole body of Christ, working in partnership to see God’s kingdom come locally and to the ends of the earth.


Submission of all areas of our lives to Jesus

Everything we are and all that we have belong to Christ Jesus. As disciples we are called to be obedient to the will of Christ, wise stewards of what God has given and generous with all we have.


Creativity & flexibility
The principles and beliefs of our ministry are certain, but we encourage creativity and flexibility in the way that they are applied. We are willing to experiment and take some risks in doing things in new or different ways.



Our Office Location

Cnr Macmillan St & Frenchs Forest Road
Seaforth NSW 2092


Tel: 02 8002  0044