House Church


House churches are our basic unit of church. In these groups we worship God, pray, encourage one another to apply what we learn in the Bible, share the joys and struggles of life, and put our faith into action to serve people beyond our own group.

House churches come in many shapes and sizes, and meet at a variety of times and locations. Ruach looks a little bit different in each geographical area, but at any given time you are likely to find we have groups that:

  • Meet at different times - on week nights, weekends and during the day.
  • Are demographically diverse – intergenerational with lots, few or no kids, youth specific, gender specific, or a mix of men and women.
  • Are comprised of people who are at different stages of their faith journey and different stages of life.
  • Meet in a variety of locations – in homes, retirement villages, offices, or cafés. Perhaps even in the park or at the beach.


Celebration Services


House churches come together regularly for a Celebration Service to celebrate and share what God is doing in the life of the church. These are also times of worship, teaching and prayer for needs.

Visitors are welcome. If you do not already know people in Ruach you may find Celebration an easier first contact point than visiting a house church.


Life Events


baptismLife is worth celebrating! We love to help people mark significant life events such as marriage, the birth or adoption of a child, or entering into the Christian faith. It is also a privilege to help honour a person at the end of their life through a funeral or memorial service and to assist their loved ones through the grieving process. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

Ruach also facilitates various courses to equip people for life, such as marriage preparation, marriage enrichment, and parenting.






Working with others in our communities and beyond significantly shapes who we are and what we do.
Ruach is actively involved in a range of formal and informal partnerships with people and ministries within Australia and overseas.
Ruach members have been instrumental in taking steps to alleviate poverty and bring about transformation in various parts of the world.

For more information on Ruach's partnerships click here.

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